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Digital Marketing

We increase and describe a framework for studies in  Digital Marketing that highlights the touchpoints inside the Marketing process in addition to inside the Marketing approach system in which virtual technology is having and could have a vast impact. Using the framework we arrange the trends and extant studies across the factors and touchpoints comprising the framework and assessment of the studies literature inside the extensively described Digital Marketing space. We define the evolving troubles in and across the touchpoints and related questions for destiny research. Finally, we combine those recognized questions and set a study timetable for future studies in Digital Marketing to look at the problems from the angle of the firm.




It has been nearly a quarter century since commercial use of the Internet and the World Wide Web began. During this time the commercial enterprise panorama has modified at a frenetic pace. Large multinational companies consisting of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and Uber, unprecedented 20 years ago, have emerged as key gamers in our present-day economy. Moreover, virtual technology and gadgets which include smartphones, clever products, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and deep studying all promise vast ameliorations of consumers’ lives shortly. It is against this backdrop that this paper seeks to apprehend how the trends in a virtual generation are reshaping the process and the approach of marketing, and the consequences of this modification for studies inside the vast area we call “Digital marketing”. Our targets for this paper are three-fold. First, we develop and describe a framework for research in digital marketing that highlights the touchpoints in marketing manner in addition to the advertising method manner in which virtual technology is having and may have a sizeable impact. Next, we prepare the trends and extant studies across the factors and touchpoints comprising the framework and overview the studies literature inside the extensively described virtual advertising space. Using the framework, we define the evolving problems across the touchpoints and related questions for destiny research. Finally, we combine those diagnosed questions and set a studies schedule for destiny studies in digital marketing. In our discourse, we have a look at the study’s troubles in virtual advertising and marketing from the angle of the firm –That is, we have a look at the strategic, tactical, and implementation implications of the studies performed inside the area of virtual advertising and recognition of sizeable problems of managerial relevance as opposed to behavioral or methodological studies per however, those troubles should cause essential questions that might be responded withinside the domain names of purchaser psychology, advertising analytics, economics, or pc science to be as complete as feasible in masking the important thing great studies trends of digital marketing, and given our focus, we have narrowed down our search without compromising the representativeness.

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Definition and framework

The period “Digital Marketing” has advanced over the years from a selected period describing the advertising of merchandise And offerings of the use of virtual channels – to an umbrella period describing the manner of the use of virtual technologies to gather clients and construct client preferences, sell brands, keep clients and boom sales.



The idea of the product is to present the process of a speedy transformation in the virtual age. First, the augmentation of the middle product with offerings is turning more digital, where the middle price of the product is improved with a price derived from virtual enhancements (e.g., automobiles with GPS systems and sensor-based self-driving technologies). Second, the networking of merchandise through the use of online and cellular technology is spawning a condo economic system in which the dormant price of owned merchandise.


Marketing outcomes

Outcomes of a firm’s movements as a characteristic of the surroundings that they perform in may be labeled into value for clients encompassing the scale of cost equity (the goal cost they derive), logo equity, and dating equity (Rust, Lemon, And Narayandas, 2004) and patron satisfaction, patron price and its elements, and company price and its elements much of the extant research discussed in this paper affects one or more of the above dimensions and we do not repeat all.


Marketing research

The virtual surroundings produce an enormous array of records starting from clickstream records, purchaser opinions and ratings, blogs, tags, and social interaction data, to customer responses to marketing actions and information on collaborators and competitors. This data is very informative for a firm to understand online customer behavior, develop marketing strategies, and measure the effectiveness of its actions and tactics on marketing outcomes. In this section, we focus on empirical research that is a marketing strategy.

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Marketing strategy

Two core marketing elements that a firm focuses on to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage are its brand and its customers. In this section, we focus on recent research related to these elements of marketing strategy that are not specifically captured in the other sections and address how a firm should strategically manage its brand and customers in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. The introduction of new channels, new shopping devices, and new customer interactions calls for an agenda for further research.

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Agenda for future research

By design, our review of extant work in digital marketing has focused only on marketing journals, primarily to keep the review tractable as well as to uncover the gaps that exist in the marketing literature and suggest new topics for exploration. Any new research effort has to be aware of the theories and models developed in marketing as well as in consumer psychology, sociology, economics, computer science, and operations research in taking on new lines of inquiry.



Our key objective in this paper is to set an agenda for research in digital marketing. We have defined digital marketing in the broadest sense so we have developed and proposed a framework that highlights the touchpoints in the Digital  marketing process as well as in the marketing strategy process where digital technologies play a key role. Using this method we have organized and reviewed the extant research around these touch points.

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