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A car rental is a company that rents automobiles for short periods of time (generally ranging from a few hours to a few weeks) for a fee. It is often organized with numerous local branches (which allow a user to return a vehicle to a different location), and primarily located near airports or busy city areas and often complemented by a website allowing online reservations. Car rental agencies primarily serve people who have a car that is temporarily out of reach or out of service, for example travelers who are out of town or owners of damaged or destroyed vehicles who are awaiting repair or insurance compensation.

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Because of the variety of sizes of their vehicles, car rental agencies may also serve the self-moving industry needs, by renting vans or trucks, and in certain markets other types of vehicles such as motorcycles or scooters may also be offered. Alvehicle Car rental operate by purchasing or leasing a number of fleet vehicles and renting them to their customers for a fee. They are located near airport or busy city areas that often thru facebook webpage reservation. Alvehicles has a many types of car rental vehicles offered example of this are vans, private vehicle like SUV or model cars and bus for more capacity purposes.

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About the billing system they don’t have an appropriate billing transaction system. They only pay in the office of the company or in short period of renting they usually pay after renting or before transaction of renting. The earlier studies shown that alvehicles can manage a good quality car rental in the philippines by upgrading their system that expect to accelerate as well as archiving services to customers better and safer, making it easier when required at any time. The online implementation of management information system provided and supported the customers for reservations,

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One of these applications is the online vehicle rental reservation systems which will be developed for the final year project. Online vehicle Rental Reservation System is a web-based system designed to provide user an easy way organizing their vehicle rental reservation. This system makes possible for users not to go or not to make an exhausting phone call to the vehicle rental agent in order to get a bunch of information about vehicles, price, reservation restriction, etc.

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Thus, users can save their valuable time and allocate it for other things. This system mallow the users to make, cancel or modify their status of vehicle rental reservation faster because it can be done through online. This system also offers a circumstance that more convenience for a certain users because they do not deal with actual people (agent). In this way, users can take their time to go back and forth through every step of the reservation process until they satisfy with their choice.



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For security of their costumers and vehicles they accepting to rent a car by the age of 18 and 45 for the license purposes because some customer has renting a car with their expired license so in all cases a valid driver’s license is required in order to rent a vehicle. About the company that have to change or upgrade their car rental system is the alvehicle car rental of the Philippines because they only using a facebook webpage for the costumer to rent a car and they don’t have a proper website about their company information for the customer security and satisfaction.


Vehicles listed in our price comparison are grouped by size. The vehicle classification is easy to understand, and will help you easily find a rental car that suits your needs. Whether you need a compact car or a large SUV, you will be able to find it in the price comparison. VroomVroomVroom has put together a guide to these vehicle types to help you make sense of the classification system.

What are the different types of rental cars?Vehicles can be classified into the following groups:

  • Economy: Suzuki Swift, Toyota Yaris
  • Compact: Toyota Corolla
  • Intermediate: KIA Cerato
  • Standard: Hyundai Elantra
  • Full Size: Toyota Camry
  • Premium: Holden SV6
  • Luxury: Holden Caprice V8
Sub categories also exist for SUV, sports, convertible, coupe, and more.
rent service cars themes,best rent system themes,national car rental theme,

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Today, there are wide varieties of vehicle anti-theft devices in the market. These include from simple security devices, such as steering lock, gear lock and immobilizer, to a more advanced security system that can track down stolen vehicles. Unfortunately, despite the availability of such security systems, vehicle theft is still growing. This issue has affected the car rental businesses negatively. The car rental contract is designed in a specific form for the car leasing at which consists of the agreement between the lessee (renter) with the leaser (owner) of the auto mobile. Whereby at the specific time agreed he lessee entitles the right of the usage of the car, and at the same time the leaser will offer the features of the car agreed, together with the tax payment, insurance, maintenance, and the accessories and including the realization value added of the valuation of the car. The dramatic expansion of the Internet has been observable throughout the world for more than a decade by now.


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