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Web development program;

web development is one of the best developing program. Industries such as manufacturing, travel and hospitality, subsidy, education, and government are Web-enabled to improve and enhance their operations. E-commerce has extended quickly, cutting across national boundaries. Even traditional legacy information and database systems have drifted to the Web website Developments in wireless technologies and Web-enabled purposes are activating a new wave of mobile Web applications. To construct these systems and requests, Web developers want a sound methodology, a orderly and repeatable process, better development tools, and a set of good guidelines. It uses scientific, engineering, and running principles and systematic approaches to successfully develop, deploy, and maintain high-quality Web systems and applications.

Types of web development:

There are three key types of web development: front-end, back-end and full-stack.
Front-end development is answerable for the aspects of a website that users see and network with: the user interface (UI).
Front-end developers are well-versed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, often working strictly with design and UX teams to arrest both the intended look and feel of the site, while also crafting a quality user experience athwart multiple device types.
Back-end development is responsible for all the facets of a website that workers do not see.
Server-side development is also known as server-side development since the focus is primarily on the behind-the-scenes logic, APIs, and database relations that power the site by back-end developers                                                                 

web development program


Information systems have a very important role, the faster the development of a company or organization, the information systems also have an increasingly important role. The demand for an increasingly better information system is the result of the demands of company development, technological developments,
government policies, changes in procedures and demands for information needs. Information system
development is often referred to as the system development process. Information system development is defined
as an activity to produce a computer-based information system to solve organizational problems or take
advantage of opportunities that arise.


A web-based information system is a facility in a computerized system that has
been equipped with features and is designed in such a way as to suit the needs to be used for inputting certain
data which aims to simplify, speed up and accurate data that has been processed. Website is a collection of
components consisting of text, images, animated sound so that it is an interesting and highly sought-after
information medium to be used as a medium for sharing information. Website technology processes data into
information by identifying, collecting, managing and providing it can be accessed together.

web development


The challenge of developing more usable Web applications has motivated the appearance of a number of techniques, methods and tools to address Web usability issues. Although there are many proposals for supporting the development of usable Web applications, many developers are not aware of them and many organizations do not properly apply them.In addition, the results of the review have identified several research gaps. Specifically, 80% of the evaluations are still performed at the implementation phase of Web applications development and 47% of the papers did not present any validation of the usability evaluation method(s) employed.

Website technology;

Website technology processes data into information by identifying, collecting, managing and providing it can be accessed together. The method used in this study is the search process method used to obtain or search for relevant sources toanswer the Research Question (RQ), and other related references using the search engine . In conducting SLR, strategies and methods are needed in the search for research on related research. The first stage is the search for relatedresearch based on search keywords

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