Communication Skills | Top Best Skills | digitalpandaa 2024

Communication Skills | Top Best Skills | digitalpandaa 2024

Introduction of Communication Skills :


Communication Skills  article explains the concept of ‘‘ leadership communication ,’’ an approach to business communication to help senior managers be better leaders. It defines leadership communication, presents a framework to help map out the levels of communication ability business leaders need, and discusses the role of leadership image and emotional intelligence in leadership communication.

Communication Skills-Leadership Communication-Must For Today’s Leaders


Effective leadership is still largely a matter of communication When CEO’s and other senior executives in all industries and countries are asked to list the most important skills a manager must possess, the answer consistently add – good communication skills. Managers spend most of their day engaged in communication; in fact,older studies of how much time managers spend on different activities show that communication occupies 70 to 90 percent of their time every day. With cell phones, e-mail, text messaging, if that same study were done today, it would yield even higher percentages.

The sheer chunk of time managers spend communicating underscores how important strong communication skills can be for the manager needing to advance to leadership positions; thus, mastering leadership communication should be a priority for managers wanting their organizations or the broader business community to acknowledge them leaders. (Coursera 2024)


Connecting leadership and communication :

Communication Skills Researchers seldom agree completely on how best to define leadership, but most would agree that leaders are individuals who guide direct motivate or inspire others. They are the men and women who

consequence others in an organization or in a community. They command others’ attention. They advise others to follow them or pursue goals they define. They control situations. They improve the achievement of groups and organizations. They get results. These individuals may not be presidents of countries or the CEO’s of companies, but they could be. They could also be employees who step forward to mentor less experienced or younger employees, managers who direct successful project teams,or vice presidents who lead divisions and motivate their staff to achieve company goals.

Leadership relies on communication

Through effective communication, leaders lead. Good communication skills enable, foster, and create the compassionate and trust necessary to encourage others to follow a leader. Without effective communication, a manager accomplishes little. Without effective communication, a manager is not an effective leader.

In fact, being able to communicate effectively is what allows a manager to move into a leadership position organization . An early Harvard Business School study on what it takes to achieve success and be approved in an organization says that the individual who gets ahead in business is the person who ‘‘is able to communicate, to make sound decisions, and to get things done with and through people’’ . By communicating more effectively,managers improve their ability to get things done with and through people. (Coursera 2024)


The barriers to effective communication :

Communication Skills  is the transmission of meaning from one person to another or to many people, whether verbally Communication or non-verbally. Communication from one person to another is commonly depicted as a simple triangle consisting of the context, the sender, the message, and the receiver .

what would be very simple and ideal communication. There would be no miscommunication or misunderstandings. The sender would understand the context and the audience (receiver), select the right medium, and send a clear message, and the receiver would receive and understand that message exactly as the sender intended.

In reality, communication more likely resembles .The complication in communication comes from the interruptions or interference’s in that transmission, whether the sender causes them or the receiver. The context in which the information is sent,the noise that surrounds it,the selection of the medium, the words used in the message, the image of the speaker, etc., all influence the meaning traveling successfully, or as intended from one to another. Learning to anticipate the interruptions in the rhetorical situation, to appreciate the context, to understand the audience, to select the right medium, and to craft clear messages that allow the meaning to reach the specific receiver as intended is the foundation of effective business communication. (Coursera 2024)

Communication Skills-Leadership Communication-Must For Today’s Leaders


The Communication Triangle :

Communication Skills The goal of mastering all aspects of leadership communication is to move prospective leaders as close to the ideal communication situation as possible. Leadership communication necessitates anticipating all interruptions and interference’s through audience analysis and then developing a communication strategy that controls the rhetorical situation and facilitates the effective transmission of the message. It is a particularly good time to revisit the art and science of professional communication. On  the editorial board of The New York Times reported that Judge Emmet G. Sullivan of the Federal District Court in Washington reprimanded the former Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, for not adhering

to professional legal standards with regards to federal asylum activities. As the editorial board put it, Judge Sullivan told Sessions to “follow the law.” The case being considered involved actions Sessions took in June 2018 to reject potential immigrants’ claims of domestic and gang-related violence as criteria for seeking

asylum. As the editorial board wrote, “In his ruling on Wednesday, the judge all but accused Mr. Sessions of taking the law into his own hands. In short, the study was not able to hold back what has appeared to be an ongoing desire to enfold a good deal of non-fiction and occupational writing within the realm of professional communication. (Coursera 2024)

Communication Skills-Leadership Communication-Must For Today’s Leaders


The leadership communication :

Communication Skills Leadership communication is the controlled, purposeful transfer of meaning by which leaders influence a single person, a group, an organization, or a community. Leadership communication uses the full range of communication skills and resources to overcome interference’s and to create and deliver messages that guide, direct, motivate, or inspire others to action. Leadership communication consists of layered, expanding skills from core strategy development and effective writing and speaking to the use of these skills in more complex organizational situations. As the manager’s perspective and control expand, he or she will need to improve the core communication skills to become effective in the larger, more complex organizational situations. Leadership communication consists of three primary rings: core,managerial, and corporate. The higher up in an organization a manager moves, the more complex his or her communication demands become. The core communication ability represented in the center of the framework below expands to the bureaucratic communication ring and then further to the communication capabilities included at the broader corporate communication ring organizational leadership (Coursera 2024).

The framework is not meant to suggest a hierarchy, which is why it is depicted as a spiral organizational leadership .

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